old-bici-overview-wooden-accessories-handmade-4Hello, I am Nicola, I design and create one of a kind bicycles, bikes with a soul, and bikes owned by anyone are not provided with a soul… an OLDBICI is unique, customized with love and devotion as it was mine. I cuddle and care for it in the smallest details and specs, design work, restoration and lots of love/heart. It is not a job, it is a Passion.

I have been collecting rattletraps, rags I have been turning into custom made OLDBICI, a first-rate tailoring job. In particular ’50s,’60s and  ‘70S retro bicycles and frames, an amazing age for the two wheels, of great frame engineers, champions and many legends strictly connected to cycling.
The creation of bicycles originates from a basic insight, better from the heart, from a passion for the materials, wood and craftsmanship in particular. All my creations are made this way, combining the old with the new, love for the past, the traditions and the land where your family roots lie, with the innovation aiming at making good use of planning the prototype on the computer, lathe and cutlers to work wooden accessories; hands …to turn rags into an evening dress. The joy to own a unique custom designed bicycle.

Since I started making bicycles, I had to find something to make them special … I had to create unique accessories. I immediately thought of the wood, which I’ve always had a passion passed down from my father. Wood …a living material, continues to live on even after its biological end, carefully aged for a long time, like no other material, it gives a unique character to each implementation. We use fine wood, tough, tough as walnut, elm, oak, cherry, olive trees, woods that give the best resistance especially over time, along with adhesives with a high elasticity, resistance to moisture and temperature.

Despite the painstaking work, wood is alive and it is therefore necessary to treat it with the respect it needs, using ecological paint, often beeswax, that gives luster to the components, protection and a pleasant scent, while maintaining the color, the essence: walnut dark brown, the more reddish cherry, oak honey-colored, very clear larch…

Handlebars, seatpost and handly are machined from solid pieces, even using different bi-color woods. Fenders are curved and laminated with antique metals. Drilled pedals and hand-made wooden boxes are assembled with dovetail joints without using even a nail.

The result is plain. Beautiful accessories and… possible.

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