How to measure crank / chainrings size BCD

How to measure Bolt Circle Diameter BCD ?

Bolt Circle Diameter or BCD is the diameter of the circle that goes through the center of all of the bolts on your chainring. On bicycle chainring this dimension is usually measured in millimeters. It is critical to know the BCD of your crankset when you are selecting a new chainring for your bike. In many cases the BCD is printed right on the chainring, sometimes it is stamped or engraved on the back side of the chainring.

If it is not labeled on your chainring you will need to measure it. On a chainring with 4 bolts the BCD is the distance between two bolts across from each other. Alternatively you can measure the distance between two adjacent bolts and use the table below to determine the BCD.

Classic methos how to measure BCD is :

Chainring with 5 bolts -> distance (mm) between the two holes X * 1.7
Chainring with 4 bolts -> distance (mm) between the two holes X * 1.4

Alternatively at this slow and tedious measurement you can print this template (file .pdf)

Pdf file that you have to print without editing, making sure that your print settings do not reduce or enlarge it. You just have to put your chainring on the sheet, make the holes match and read the number, easy!

Postmodern Bicycles – Modern Parts on Classic Frame

Colnago Postmodern Bicycles – Modern Parts on Classic Frame

Imagine combining a classic steel frame with a modern groupset. This is what we call a ‘postmodern’ bicycle. I’m not sure this term exists but let’s call such bikes this way. At least it gives us an impression of being intellectual. Anyway, tell us what do you think about such combination?

Here we present the last OLDBICI Postmodern: Colnago Master Olympic Art Decor with Campagnolo Chorus 10s group

The advantages of postmodern bikes are:

  • Steel frame, much sexier than carbon fibre one
  • Efficiency and comfort of modern shifting
  • Safety of modern brakes
  • Lightness of modern wheels
  • Cool and Unique look
  • Lightness: you can easily achieve weight under 8kg with a mid-sized steel frame ex. made of Columbus SL or SLX steel tubes and Campagnolo or Shimano Dura-Ace groupset and other lightweight modern components…
  • Stiffness and great feeling of riding a steel frame
  • History and real craftsmanship behind the frame combined with modern technologies
  • And the value is very stable and rather increasing than falling (it’s a classic steel frame ;-))

So if you are looking for a postmodern bicycle, contact us if you want a custom-built road racer!


Campagnolo Tool box Tool kit

Our Campagnolo Tool box Tool kit is used and shows some light signs of use.
The tools are all still in amazing condition. Most of the tools show hardly any signs of use, they seem like a new never used. All taps and cutters are in excellent conditions.

We ship this wooden toolbox (weight 21kg) in two separate packages, one with just the empty wooden box and one with all the tools wrapped in paper and pluriball. Otherwise the tools could damage the inside of the box during shipment.






Campagnolo 50th Anniversary Groupset

The 50th Anniversary Groupset Campagnolo is a beautiful bit of engineering and production the like of which you don’t see today. The style and design of the components is hard to match and no modern components seem to have the same soul of these components.
That’s not to ignore the undoubted quality and functionality of modern groupsets but they just don’t have “it”.

Please note if there is anything incorrect in the below please let me know, I am always happy to update this page with more information.

This group was released in 1983 to commemorate Campagnolo‘s 50th year in business, this was also the same year founder Tullio Campagnolo passed away.

In the region of 15,000 of these groups were made.

Group #0001 was retained in the Campagnolo museum, and #0002 was presented to Pope John Paul ll. They all came with a numbered “membership card”.

The group was based on the Super Record and Cobalto group of the era and was top of the range, with some significant extra touches. Most pieces were marked by a 22 carrot gold logo with a raised/textured Campagnolo shield logo. All pieces contained an engraved signature of Tullio Campagnolo, and a special “50th” logo.

The group was supplied in a nice carrying case has a 50th logo printed on it in gold. The zippers on the case were sealed and an inventory tag detailed the contents. A close up of the seal is shown in the below gallery.

I have only one group for sale with the bag unopened NIB






















Campagnolo Electa Pneumatic Saddle

The Campagnolo Electa Saddle was made briefly in the mid-1980s. The remarkable feature is the pneumatic system to enable adjustment to suit the rider.

You can buy Campagnolo Electa in our Shop HERE …in black leather โ€“ Sella Pneumatic System: under its strong leather top sits an adjustable air cushion to suit the saddle to the weight and needs of the rider. Silver-plated trim at the front and rear and a presta valve fitting under the nose of the saddle into which air can be pumped to adjust the seat. Sold including the original air pump and linen bag Campagnolo.















WOW! Ritchey Road Logic – Road Classic 1996

Ritchey Road LogicRoad Classic 1996

Very rare Ritchey Road Logic from the mid 1990s!
If you are looking for a light and very rare classic bicycle, Tom Ritchey‘s masterpiece then this it is!
You will love the smoothness of the ride on a steel frame and the great functionality of the best Campagnolo Record Carbon group!

The Road Logic is the culmination of years of experience on and off the bike.
It is created with painstaking detail and is one of the finest road frames available.
If you are looking for a complete race ready road machine right out of the box with the heritage of Ritchey, this is the bike for you.

One ride on the Road Logic and you will become a believer.
Built with a Ritchey Road Logic heat treated steel frame stiff enough to hold a line through the twistiest of mountain switchbacks, but supple enough to not leave you feeling beat up after a long day in the saddle, it begs to be ridden. It is designed to give you miles upon miles of confidence inspiring performance. The Road Logic is a no-nonsense road machine that disappears beneath you.
It is responsive yet stable, light yet durable. Like all of life’s simple beauties it is a contradiction in terms.

Complete bike specifications Ritchey Road Logic – Road Classic 1996

Frame – Telaio: Ritchey Road Logic 1996 – Size: 54cm c-t-c, 56cm c-t-t seat tube, 56cm c-t-c top tube
Frame – Telaio: Ritchey Road Logic – Fillet brazed – Tubing Ritchey Nitanium
Fork – Forcella: Ritchey Carbon Comp – 1″ alloy steerer (alloy dropouts)
Paint/chrome/decals: Ritchey Road Logic 1990s

Groupset – Gruppo: Campagnolo Record Carbon 10 speed groupset
Headset – Serie sterzo: Campagnolo Record Carbon – Threadless headset 1″
Stem – Attacco manubrio: Ritchey WCS – 120
Handlebars – Piega manubrio: Ritchey PRO 7075 Alloy 235g – 42cm (c-c)
Seatpost – Reggisella: Ritchey Comp – 27.0
Saddle – Sella: Selle Italia – Flite Titanium
Tape/grips – Nastro manubrio: No brand – Color red
Brakes – Freni: Campagnolo Record
Brake levers – Leve freno: Campagnolo Record Carbon (lever hoods red)
Front derailleur – Deragliatore: Campagnolo Record
Rear derailleur – Cambio: Campagnolo Record Carbon – 10 speed
Shifters levers – Leve cambio: Campagnolo Record Carbon – Ergopower Carbon 10 ULTRA
Cable Shift Housing Set – Cavi e guaine cambio: New Campagnolo Road
Cable Brake Housing Set – Cavi e guaine freni: New Campagnolo Road
Crankset – Guarnitura: Campagnolo Record Carbon 170mm โ€“ EPS C10 53/39T
Cassette – Cassetta: Campagnolo Record 10 speed 13-26T
Chain – Catena: Campagnolo Record 10 speed
Bottom bracket – Movimento centrale: Campagnolo Chorus – English 102mm BSA 1.370x24T
Pedals – Pedali: Ritchey SPD Road bike E62
Wheelset – Ruote: Campagnolo Proton 622x15c Aluminium Alloy – Asymmetric rear, Symmetric front – Spokes: 24/22 – Pair: 1.640g
Quick release – Sganci rapidi: Campagnolo
Tires – Gomme: BRN PROLITE – Clincher 700x23c – Tubes Michelin Airstop Butyl

Accessories INCLUDED:
Water bottle cage – Portaborraccia: Elite Custom Race – Color: bw
Water bottle – Borraccia: Ritchey – Color: bw

All photos HERE

Gentleman singlespeed, wooden accessories OLDBICI

Sono bastati due mesi di lavoro nei week-end liberi… per tirar fuori da un bellissimo telaio Maffioletti degli anni ’40 questo gioiellino. Dopo la verniciatura.. di un colore fantastico ho montato una elegantissima guarnitura Agrati degli anni ’50, e accessoriato con componenti in rovere lucidati con cera d’api… sa di un profumo che non vi dico.. tocco finale ho montato un campanello a martellino sempre utile ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spero vi piaccia! Di seguito le solite foto gallery!
Questa volta pero’ si รจ meritata un vero servizio fotografico… dateci un occhio!

Ciao Nicola

1 – Telaio Maffioletti anni ’40

2 – Verniciatura telaio Maffioletti

3 – Montaggio





Eddy Merckx – Colnago Molteni 1974

Complete bike specifications – Specifiche complete bicicletta:

Attualmente questa bicicletta fa parte della collezione privata di Bradley Wiggins

Frame – Telaio: 56cm c-c Columbus SL – Colnago Super mod. Molteni 1974
Fork – Forcella: Columbus Colnago
Groupset – Gruppo: Campagnolo Super Record


Headset – Serie sterzo: Campagnolo Super Record – Campagnolo 4041, Super Record
Stem – Attacco manubrio: Cinelli mod. 1A – 120mm
Handlebars – Curva manubrio: Cinelli 64 Giro D’Italia (70’s model)
Tape/grips – Nastro manubrio: Cinelli (cotton white) – Cinelli bar end caps
Front brake – Freno anteriore: Campagnolo Super Record – Campagnolo 4061, Super Record (v1)
Rear brake – Freno posteriore: Campagnolo Super Record – Campagnolo 4061, Super Record (v1)
Brake levers – Leve freno: Campagnolo Super Record – Pant. Colnago
Front derailleur – Deragliatore: Campagnolo Record 1052/1 (1973-1977)
Rear derailleur – Cambio: Campagnolo Super Record – Campagnolo 4001, Super Record (1st Generation)
Downtube Shifters – Leve cambio: Campagnolo 1014, Record (a fascetta)
Cassette – Pacco pignoni: Regina Extra – 5V freewheel, 5 speed, 14-24
Chain – Catena: Regina Extra
Crankset – Guarnitura: Campagnolo Super Record – Campagnolo 1049/A, Strada Super Record
Bottom bracket – Movimento centrale: Campagnolo Super Record – Campagnolo 4031, Super Record (Second Gen)
Pedals – Pedali: Campagnolo 1037/a Superleggeri (SL) pedals
Wheelset rims – Ruote cerchi: Nisi (tubular)
Hubs – Mozzi ruota: Campagnolo Super Record – Campagnolo 4014, Super Record (Low Flange, Ti Spindle)
Tire tubular – Gomme tubolari: Vittoria
Saddle – Sella: Cinelli Unicanitor mod. Buffalo #2
Seatpost – Reggisella: Campagnolo Super Record 27.2 – Campagnolo 4051, Super Record (Campagnolo Script)

Steel Toe clips – Puntapiedi: Campagnolo
Cable Housing Clips – Fascette guaina freno: Campagnolo
Seatpost Pin Bolt – Vite reggisella: Campagnolo
Quick releases – Bloccaggi ruote: Campagnolo
Bottle cage – Portaborraccia: REG cage white

colnago-super-molteni-1974-eddy-merckx-vintage-bicycle-oldbici-11 colnago-super-molteni-1974-eddy-merckx-vintage-bicycle-oldbici-10 colnago-super-molteni-1974-eddy-merckx-vintage-bicycle-oldbici-9 colnago-super-molteni-1974-eddy-merckx-vintage-bicycle-oldbici-5 colnago-super-molteni-1974-eddy-merckx-vintage-bicycle-oldbici-8 colnago-super-molteni-1974-eddy-merckx-vintage-bicycle-oldbici-3 colnago-super-molteni-1974-eddy-merckx-vintage-bicycle-oldbici-2

Restoration Colnago Molteni Eddy Merckx 1974

Eccola finalmente finita… Restauro Colnago Molteni Eddy Merckx 1972.
E’ stato un restauro lungo, miticoloso e davvero appassionante
Spero via piaccia, di seguito tutte le foto gallery del restauro.

Ciao Nicola – OLDBICI

1 – Raccolta di tutti i componenti

2 – Restauro del telaio Colnago

3 – Lucidatura telaio e forcella restaurati

4 – Trattamento galvanico forcella per la nuova cromatura

5 – Lucidatura forcella prima della cromatura

6 – Verniciatura finale del telaio Colnago Molteni 1972

7 – Montaggio della bicicletta

8 – Bicicletta finita…