How to measure crank / chainrings size BCD

How to measure Bolt Circle Diameter BCD ?

Bolt Circle Diameter or BCD is the diameter of the circle that goes through the center of all of the bolts on your chainring. On bicycle chainring this dimension is usually measured in millimeters. It is critical to know the BCD of your crankset when you are selecting a new chainring for your bike. In many cases the BCD is printed right on the chainring, sometimes it is stamped or engraved on the back side of the chainring.

If it is not labeled on your chainring you will need to measure it. On a chainring with 4 bolts the BCD is the distance between two bolts across from each other. Alternatively you can measure the distance between two adjacent bolts and use the table below to determine the BCD.

Classic methos how to measure BCD is :

Chainring with 5 bolts -> distance (mm) between the two holes X * 1.7
Chainring with 4 bolts -> distance (mm) between the two holes X * 1.4

Alternatively at this slow and tedious measurement you can print this template (file .pdf)

Pdf file that you have to print without editing, making sure that your print settings do not reduce or enlarge it. You just have to put your chainring on the sheet, make the holes match and read the number, easy!

Postmodern Bicycles – Modern Parts on Classic Frame

Colnago Postmodern Bicycles – Modern Parts on Classic Frame

Imagine combining a classic steel frame with a modern groupset. This is what we call a ‘postmodern’ bicycle. I’m not sure this term exists but let’s call such bikes this way. At least it gives us an impression of being intellectual. Anyway, tell us what do you think about such combination?

Here we present the last OLDBICI Postmodern: Colnago Master Olympic Art Decor with Campagnolo Chorus 10s group

The advantages of postmodern bikes are:

  • Steel frame, much sexier than carbon fibre one
  • Efficiency and comfort of modern shifting
  • Safety of modern brakes
  • Lightness of modern wheels
  • Cool and Unique look
  • Lightness: you can easily achieve weight under 8kg with a mid-sized steel frame ex. made of Columbus SL or SLX steel tubes and Campagnolo or Shimano Dura-Ace groupset and other lightweight modern components…
  • Stiffness and great feeling of riding a steel frame
  • History and real craftsmanship behind the frame combined with modern technologies
  • And the value is very stable and rather increasing than falling (it’s a classic steel frame ;-))

So if you are looking for a postmodern bicycle, contact us if you want a custom-built road racer!


We visited Marco Pantani’s museum in Cesenatico

Few days ago we visited Marco Pantani Museum in Cesenatico, city where Marco was born.
In Cesenatico, in the hometown of Marco Pantani, near the railway station premises, there is a section called Spazio Pantani, entirely dedicated to the Champion Romagna. Inside it is possible to trace the career of the “The Pirate” through the display of photos, memorabilia, bikes, jerseys and audiovisual materials.

The structure is divided into 3 areas of about 100 square meters each, named with the names of the mountains that Marco Pantani won (Mortirolo, Alpe d’Huez and Sala Bocchetta).

Spazio Pantani was born thanks to the desire of Pantani family, Municipality of Cesenatico and Fondazione Marco Pantani of creating a structure to keep alive the memory of the Champion of Romagna and his enterprises. The museum was opened to the public in October 2006 and is managed by the Pantani family in order to generate profits to be donated for beneficence. Also tha gadgets sold in this site contribute to realization of our charitable activities.

Spazio Pantani is open to visitors seven days a week and also it provides the possibility of special openings for large groups or special events such as conferences, book presentations, musical performances, departures for tours by bicycle.

It was an awesome day, an amazing emotional experience! Ride in Peace Marco!

Just finished Colnago Bititan Art Decor Titanium 1992

Just finished… Colnago Bititan Art Decor Titanium 1992
Very rare Colnago Titanio bicycle from the mid 1990s! The frame shows the typical Colnago Art Decor paintwork and has dual down tubing. The exact name is Titanio Bititan.
Frame and fork are made of very light and durable titanium and the bike is equipped with Campagnolo Record Titanium parts from the same era. Just some of the highlights are the high profile Campagnolo Vento wheels and the Delta brakes!
If you are looking for a light and rare classic bicycle, then this it is! You will love the smoothness of the ride on a titanium frame and the great functionality of the best Campagnolo group!
Era: 1990s

Bicycle weight (in photo) : 8,7 kg

Tutte le specifiche:
Colnago Titanio Bititan Classic Art Decor Titanium Bicycle

Frame – Telaio: Colnago Titanium Bititan Classic Art Decor 1992 – Size: 54×54
Fork – Forcella: Colnago Precisa Titanium
Groupset – Gruppo: Shimano 600 – BR-6400
Headset – Serie sterzo: Shimano 600
Stem – Attacco manubrio: 3ttt Status Racing Team – 100
Handlebars – Piega manubrio: Colnago 3ttt Racing Team – 42cm (c-c)
Seatpost – Reggisella: Shimano 600 – 27.2
Saddle – Sella: Selle Italia Flite Titanium
Tape/grips – Nastro manubrio: Deda Dedacciai – Color grey
Brakes – Freni: Shimano 600
Brake levers – Leve freno: Shimano 600
Front derailleur – Deragliatore: Shimano 600
Rear derailleur – Cambio: Shimano 600 – 8 speed
Shift levers – Leve cambio: Shimano 600
Cassette – Cassetta: Shimano 8 speed 11-23T
Chain – Catena: Shimano 8 speed
Crankset – Guarnitura: Shimano 600 170mm – 53/39T
Bottom bracket – Movimento centrale: Shimano 600
Pedals – Pedali: Shimano PD-1056
Wheelset – Ruote: Shimano
Quick release – Sganci rapidi: Shimano 600
Tires – Copertoncini: Vittoria ZEFIR 700x22c

Water bottle – Borraccia: COLNAGO – la Bicicletta (original 90s)


colnago-bititan-titanium-decor-ernesto-colnago-old-bici-10 colnago-bititan-titanium-decor-ernesto-colnago-old-bici-5 colnago-bititan-titanium-decor-ernesto-colnago-old-bici-7 colnago-bititan-titanium-decor-ernesto-colnago-old-bici-3 colnago-bititan-titanium-decor-ernesto-colnago-old-bici-4 colnago-bititan-titanium-decor-ernesto-colnago-old-bici-9 colnago-bititan-titanium-decor-ernesto-colnago-old-bici-1

Mamma mia! I pantographed all components

Ero alla prese sulla conversione fixed di una Colnago Master, mi sono aggiudicato il bellissimo telaio di Ernesto su un’asta Ebay e ho deciso dopo qualche mese di convertirlo in una fixed dal gusto un pò retro… Tutti i componenti prima di montarli però ho deciso di pantografarli con la mia firma… con l’aiuto dello Zio orologiaio abbiamo costruito lo stencil della mia firma in plexiglass e eseguito la pantografia su attacco manubrio, reggisella, guarnitura abbiamo pantografato. E’ stato davvero un bel lavoro e il risultato è stato favoloso.

Qui alcune fasi di lavorazioni e i componenti pantografati

Gustatevi il video…

Beauty Urban of Guido

Per il suo compleanno la famiglia di Guido mi ha commisionato una bici
Ho ideato, progettato e creato questa elegante Urban con accessori in legno Old Bici, ne è uscita una bici unica.

Il regalo da parte di Monica, Giovanni, Pietro e Tommaso è stato un vero successo!
anche Guido dalla faccia sembra aver apprezzato!!!

Wooden Bicycle Racks

Avreste mai pensato di appendere alla parete del salotto, la vostra favolosa bici e non un quadro?
Con questa soluzione è possibile, senza staffe in ferro o ganci antiestetici, ma con un supporto in legno davvero elegante, con un bel design Old Bici.

Video components pantographed

durante la pantografia di alcuni componenti che ho fatto per una fixed “retro gusto” ho effettuato un bel video…
potete vedere tutti i dettagli della lavorazione al pantografo di diversi componenti.


Buona visione!

ciao Nicola